The Macini brand has been part of the South Australian cycling landscape for decades. With a strong focus on the racing cyclist, the Macini name grew to be a recognised brand name all over Australia, both on the road and at the velodrome. In the early days, Macini frames were crafted locally in Adelaide by a talented frame builder and long time cyclist. Both stock frames and custom made frames were made to order and were available in road and track models alike. 

As the reputation developed and success followed, the best racing frames were sourced from around Australia and now all over world, to keep up with the demand to exacting standards. Tradition is important to us. 

Macini Bikes have always been held in high regard with the racing cyclist. The brand has been extremely well known in South Australia and has supported both individuals and cycling clubs not only in Adelaide, but all around Australia. 

Today, Macini Bikes are absolutely dedicated and committed to offering cyclists the very best bikes and components available. It is our mantra to not only to supply these items, but to be a supplier of choice where customer service is paramount. Tradition and reputation is the key of any first tier cycling brand and Macini will continue to follow this model staying true to its values, heritage and the strong legacy.

Macini Bikes share the passion for cycling, tradition, high end performance, customer intimacy and winning.

Welcome to our family.