The Macini bike range

This is where you can buy and start building your new Macini. Simply select the frame type and then select the components you want on you bike.  Prices are provided for frame and parts.  Upon submitting your form, a Macini representative will contact you to confirm the order and payment.  If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact a team member.

Track Classic (from $3,000)

The Track Classic is an icon of Australian track racing.  The Track Classic boasts an impressive resume of riders and titles.  Build your Track Classic using the form below or contact the team to discuss any intricacies. 

Road Classic (from $4,000)

If you are seeking a beautifully designed and manufactured frame that performs on the road, look no further.  The Road Classic is a bike with soul.

Criterium Classic

We have designed this bike to enable you to ride it fast.  Its that simple.  Whether you are racing criteriums or road racing, or seeking to challenge your mates on the weekend, this bike will give you the edge.